Thursday, 20 October 2011

Who Said I'm Wack? Gypsies think I'm wack.

Well, I've been listening to a lot of the Lonely Island recently; I blame Anne-Sophie. Lovely girl and love of my life she may be, but she has me wanting to be in the Space Olympics, On a Boat that got to the Moon somehow, trying not to Jizz in My Pants at the thought of acting Like A Boss.

You get the idea, or you should!

So who think's I'm wack? Well everyone who supports the travelers, apparently. OK, not everyone, but I've had some run-ins on this issue. I may have made a "at the time I think this is witty" comment about giving the police guns to @ChrisTT which earned me a "twat" back. There's a giant raging debate about the issue on my Facebook page; encompassing everything from the laughable notion that we live in a Fascist nation, to rewriting the whole "I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew" speech to being about the tricky- as I'm sure the travelers themselves would see it- notion of living legally.

Don't get me wrong, it must be terrible to be uprooted from your home- if your home isn't meant to be uprooted. They are travelers; they should be traveling, not fighting legally for 10 years and then failing to respect the ruling of the court. Further, when you compromise your stance by being violent and attacking the police you lose whatever moral high ground you might have had. Look at the Occupy movement; they've been peaceful as far as I've seen and that earns them a modicum of respect. On that note, I really ought to see how that's going in George Square next time I'm passing.

Life, at the moment, is actually really good. I'm in a wonderful almost-six-month relationship with a wonderful girl (the above meme-infective Anne-Sophie :D). Work is...Interesting. It's somewhere between the stress levels of quality control at Chernobyl and food tester for Ukrainian government ministry. We've received the wonderful news that there's going to be no transport laid on for the new Super Lab and that they want unpaid volunteers for the move (luckily the Union caught wind of that; hehehe :D).

I'm apparently also going back to Muay Thai training next week. I fear for my belly. The sandwich baby within will not take well to this; it will fight and bite and I fear I will regret it.

Until next time, I think that's me for now. It's actually been rather cathartic. :D

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