Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Forgive me my sins, audience (If you even exist, I could be wrong but I hardly think I'm a chittering hub-hive of watchery), it has been far too long since I last visited and regaled you all with stories.

Suffice to say; I'm really bad at this.

Blogging I mean; any other failings are to be elaborated upon at far later dates. I'm sitting here at 3.30am, mindlessly watching TV and exchanging whimsical texts; hardly the stuff of grand blogging endeavours, not the sort of things that dreams are made of.

All this is, you'll understand, cresting on a rather mixed wave; work is taking it's toll on me, the extra hours really battering me about. The fact that my leg is killing me from boxing doesn't help matters (And it's hardly going to heal up with all the pulling and lifting I do at work), siiiiiiigh.

What else, what else; sushi and drinking have so far been the bouyants for this week, enjoyable little pursuits to take my mind off of the awful month-and-a-bit long drudgery. More on my social dalliances at a later date.

To the point; this is my call to arms, an actual kick in the arse for actual bloggerific progress.

Wish me luck, I'll damn well need it.

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