Friday, 4 November 2011

A Reader and A Writer Born/Adventures in Literature/Love and the Void That Binds

When I can't think what to write about, I usually read and when I can't think what to read I sometimes write. Recently I've been doing a lot of both. I'm almost finished with the Endymion Omnibus (Endymion + Rise of Endymion) and I have to admit that while it's nowhere near as accomplished as the Hyperion Duology, it's certainly interesting. It managed to crawl inside my brain and make me have a horrible dream of being a Born Again Christian on an Archangel ship; dying and being ressurected (a process my mind managed to make garishly and gorily incomplete). I've also been trying to add more to my work-in-progress Mechanicus novel- tentatively named "Engines of Discord", submitting a Xaphan the Faceless short story to the faceless overseers of The Black Library and foolishly deciding to sign up for NaNoWriMo.

I know, I know; I can hardly focus on what I'm already doing, why am I adding to the platter? Well, boredom mostly. I'm at a creative dead-end which only thinking on my feet can get me out of. My war post for Nationstates is making no process and so I'm thinking I'll use NaNoWriMo to get all my juices flowing.

The idea I picked was my "I, Einherjar" novel seed, which I may have discussed with you. Sort of urban-fantasy, modern-fantasy, traditional Norse awesomeness mash-up. Lots of it is still patchwork and ephemeral, but I'm working on the bare bones of a plot. :).

Working tomorrow; something I do not treasure, but on the plus side it is me and Anne-Sophie's six month anniversary. More on that, I think, after the weekend has come and gone :).

What else can I put on a literary bent; maybe I should do occasional reviews of things. That could be interesting and more than likely backfire. After all, my Bitter Ruin gig review was so well received ;).

Anyways; I've rambled and babbled enough. I have a room to clean, a world to create and very likely something somewhere to kill in some virtual capacity ;)

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